Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everonn gets SKIL as co-promoter & Rs 208 cr

MUMBAI/CHENNAI, July 22, 2010: SKIL Infrastructure Limited has received the necessary corporate approvals, paving the way for the Infrastructure sector pioneer to join the world’s largest V-SAT based education network company Everonn Education Ltd as a co-promoter.

The Board of Directors of Everonn Education Ltd had on Monday approved a proposal to allot 40, 00,000 optionally convertible debentures to SKIL Infrastructure. The exact price determined as per the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations – 2009, works out to Rs 520.87 each, resulting in an aggregate cost of Rs 208.34 crores.

SKIL shall be making an offer for 20% of the shares in Everonn in accordance with the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations – 2009 at a price of Rs. 536.22 per equity share. The total number of shares that SKIL shall hold after the open offer and the conversion of the optionally convertible debentures shall be 40,00,000.

The allotment is subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals. Everonn Education has convened an extraordinary general body meeting on August 18, 2010 to seek approval of the allotment.

“We have always believed that education is one of the critical social infrastructure gaps that need to be bridged if India is able to realise the full potential of its demographic dividend. SKIL has been seriously looking at the education sector for the past few years, and we believe that in Everonn, we have found the right partner and platform for SKIL’s foray into the education sector”, said, Mr Nikhil Gandhi, Chairman of SKIL Infrastructure.

“We are happy to have SKIL as a co-promoter and we are confident that the synergies that the two organisations will bring to this relationship shall enable us to scale newer heights in the field of education, and to extend our reach to millions more in this country,” said Mr P Kishore, Managing Director of Everonn Education.

About SKIL Infrastructure:

SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. is a pioneer in the infrastructure sector in India and is a leading infrastructure company.

A privately held company, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. (formerly Sea King Infrastructure Ltd.), has since the early 1990s, established a tradition of initiating and implementing unique projects. The core strength of the company lies in conceptualizing and implementing projects on an international scale.

Over the last 20 years, the SKIL has been at the forefront of implementation of various projects in key strategic areas such as India’s first private port, India’s largest shipyard, private sector railway, expressway and urban infrastructure, such as Special Economic Zones, etc. Each of these projects is "first-of-its-kind" in its respective category, whether it be in terms of private sector initiative, private capital and management involvement, or because of the concept and policy initiatives underlying each of such projects.

SKIL's philosophy is to identify growth-oriented green field projects in the arena of infrastructure, implement them on a time-bound basis and through strategic association with world-class entities, create wealth for all stakeholders. SKIL has a successful track record of attracting the Best of Class strategic and financial investors in all its Projects and consistently created value for its Investors.The Pipavav Shipyard set up by SKIL is one of the largest shipyards in the world .

Development of infrastructure projects typically requires an ability to sustain comparatively longer gestation periods, and SKIL has amply demonstrated its ability to bear the initial risks associated with such projects and has successfully mitigated them.  SKIL also successfully completed the IPO for its Pipavav Shipyard Limited project, which was well received by the markets and investors. PSL shares are currenty trading at Rs 98 per share against an issue prive of Rs 58 in Oct 2009.

About Everonn Education Limited:

Everonn Education has its presence in the Indian education industry for over two decades and is listed on both the BSE and NSE. It is India’s first education and training company to offer satellite-enabled learning. Everonn, promoted by Mr. P Kishore, is a pioneer in facilitating education using breakthrough technologies and is the largest VSAT education network in the World.

Everonn has now embarked on a mission to revolutionalize and transform the educational landscape of India by setting up and managing world class educational institutions across the nation - from Pre-school to B-school from urban areas to districts and block levels.

Everonn today reaches out to over 3 million students through 8,492 learning centres across 27 states and works with 16 State Governments of India. (31st March 2010).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Online lottery fraud exposed

I have esquired with  Netvigator regarding a windfall gain offer mail sent to me. This is their response pointing out an outright misuse of an email ID:
================Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for emailing NETVIGATOR.

Regarding your enquiry, please be informed that this email is not sent
from NETVIGATOR. Please be informed that spammers target their
recipients by using automated software for sending spam, which enables
them to hide or even forge the spam email information such as the sender
name/email address, date/time and the recipient addresses. In fact, the
information displayed ( e.g. From, To, Cc, etc) is usually not valid so
as to confuse the recipient or as a purpose of hiding the sender

If you received this email with a NETVIGATOR account, and would like us
to further follow up this case, you may forward a copy of the junk
mail(s) with the full header to our Postmaster at
for following. Postmaster will trace the true source of the message and
contact relative parties to bar the user from sending you unsolicited
commercial e-mail.

You may refer to the steps below to locate the full header of a specific

For Outlook Express and Windows Mail (Vista) :
- Start Outlook Express or Windows Mail (Vista)
- Select the email
- Click on "File" then choose "Properties"
- Go to "Details"
- Copy the content in "Details"
- Send to NETVIGATOR Postmaster at <>

For Microsoft Outlook:
- Start Microsoft Outlook
- Select the junk email
- Click on "View" then choose "Option"
- Copy the whole content in "Internet Header"
- Send to NETVIGATOR Postmaster at <>

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to email us again or
call our PCCW Consumer Service Hotline 1000.

Yours sincerely,

Nicole Wu
Contact us:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Money laundering racket takes new twist
sender timeSent at 01:53 (GMT+08:00). Current time there: 17:56.
date16 July 2010 01:53

Your email id has won £2,500,000.00 GBP.For claims,FullName, Address, Tel, Age, Occupation
Have been frequently getting such mails from various people claiming to offer me tonnes of money. Wonder I would win money in lotteries in which I never participated.
Beware - Such mails may be spamming many an inbox.
Pl ref tis RBI circular.
Beware of Fictitious Offers/Lottery Winnings/Cheap Fund Offers: RBI
The Reserve Bank of India has, today once again clarified that remittance in any
form towards participation in lottery schemes is prohibited under the Foreign Exchange
Management Act, 1999. Further, these restrictions are applicable also to remittances
for participation in lottery-like schemes functioning under different names, such as,
money circulation scheme or remittances for the purpose of securing prize money /
awards, etc. The Reserve Bank has clarified that it neither maintains any account in the
name of individuals / companies / trusts in India to hold funds for disbursal nor does it
allow individuals to open an account to deposit money with the Reserve Bank. It also
does not issue any certificates or advices or confirmations, evidencing receipt and
holding of money in these accounts.
The Reserve Bank has advised the public not to remit or deposit money in such
accounts in response to fictitious offers/representations. The public may immediately
bring the details of such offers to the notice of local police authorities for booking the
The Reserve Bank advice came in the wake of many residents falling prey to
such tempting offers and losing money in the recent past.
The Reserve Bank of India has, on several occasions in the past, cautioned the
members of public not to fall prey to fictitious offers / lottery winnings / remittance of
cheap funds in foreign currency from abroad by certain foreign entities / individuals,
including Indian residents acting as representatives of such entities / individuals. These
offers are generally made through letters, e-mails, mobile phones, SMSs, etc.
The Reserve Bank of India has stated that in addition to the typical modalities
adopted in the past, the fraudsters have now resorted to issuing certificates, letters,
circulars, etc., on letterhead that looks like that of the Reserve Bank of India’s and
purportedly signed by its executives / senior officials to make such offers look genuine.
The fraudsters also convince the victims by impersonating as senior officials of the
Reserve Bank with telephone numbers and/or fictitious e-mail IDs. Many fraudsters
have even opened accounts with banks in India and advised public to deposit money in
these accounts towards various charges, taxes, duties, etc. Once the money is
deposited in their account, people mailing such offers withdraw the money and then
vanish. The victim thus loses the money already paid.
The Reserve Bank has also urged members of public to read the ticker on the
Reserve Bank’s website ( for details.
Alpana Killawala
Press Release : 2009-2010/168 Chief General Manager
Earlier, I have even drawn the attention of Scotland Yard to such fraud mails.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's official! Homoeopathic cure for swine flu

At the instance of the Department of AYUSH, the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) had convened a meeting of a Group of Experts in Homoeopathy, chaired by Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, Vice President of the Governing Body of the Council to suggest ways & means of prevention of flu like illnesses through Homoeopathy on July 8 2010.

The Group of Experts inter-alia has recommended that the homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum album could be taken as prophylactic medicine against flu like illnesses.

It has recommended Arsenicum album 30, one dose (4pills of size 30 by adults and 2 pills by children) daily, on empty stomach, for 3 days. The dose should be repeated after one month by following the same schedule in case flu like conditions prevail in the area.

The Expert Group has further suggested that general hygienic measures suggested by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, for prevention of the disease should also be followed by the public. (PIB)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

IDBI Fortis footprint in City of Sports

  • Presents a suite of innovative products catering to different needs

JALANDHAR: Leading private insurer IDBI Fortis Life Insurance has formally launched its branch at Jalandhar today.  The branch is located at Third Floor, Eminent Mall, 261 Lajpat Nagar, Gurunanak Mission Chowk, Jalandhar.

IDBI Fortis Life Insurance is one of India’s fastest growing new private life insurance companies having started operations in March 2008, leading with their innovative product ‘Wealthsurance’.

As on March 31st 2010, the company has collected more than 900 Cr in premiums (including 570 Cr of premiums collected in the FY 2009-10) with over 1,83,000 policies and over Rs 7,850 Cr in Sum Assured. IDBI Fortis Life Insurance already has a strong distribution network of over 1380 branches through their partner banks and intends to strengthen their distribution force further by aiming for 15000 distributors/agents this fiscal. At present, the company has 37 branches and plans to increase the branch network to 55 within this fiscal.

“With changing lifestyles, more and more people want to invest their money for long term wealth building. We hope to target this segment with our unique wealth-building products that will help their investments grow by protecting it from unforeseen circumstances,” said Mr. G V Nageswara Rao, MD and CEO, IDBI Fortis Life Insurance.

IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Co Ltd is a joint-venture of IDBI Bank, India’s premier development and commercial bank, Federal Bank, one of India’s leading private sector banks and Fortis Insurance International, a multinational insurance giant based out of Europe.

“WealthsuranceTM, our flagship product, is a unique combination that aims to provide people with protected growth. The product is designed to ensure that the hard-earned money that is invested is not susceptible to unforeseen circumstances. With comprehensive investment choices, protected by powerful insurance options, all presented with a reasonable charge structure, Wealthsurance is a one-stop solution to a customer’s wealth building plans. WealthsuranceTM offers investment choices such as Monthly Guaranteed Interest Fund, Guaranteed Return Funds, Dynamic Guaranteed Funds, Equity Growth Fund, Nifty Index Fund, Midcap Fund, Bond Fund, Income Fund, Liquid Fund and Asset Allocator Options ensuring that the customer would find all his investment requirements satisfied with this one powerful product. The powerful insurance benefits of WealthsuranceTM ensure that a customer’s wealth plan is not affected by unforeseen events that may strike them.” Mr. Rao added.

IDBI Fortis has recently launched Healthsurance Hospitalisation and Surgical PlanTM a power packed plan with a host of benefits that help you manage the extra financial burden that comes with hospitalisation. The company also recently launched IncomesuranceTM Endowment & Money Back Plan which is a first of its kind combination product of endowment and money back that gives the customers unmatched transparency and competitive interest rates in relation to the changing market conditions. HealthsuranceTM & IncomesuranceTM are new additions to their stable of other innovative products like HomesuranceTM a protective cover for home loans, BondsuranceTM, for guaranteed returns with life insurance cover, Retiresurance® for a comfortable life after retirement with lifelong pension and TermsuranceTM Protection Plan, for customers looking for a flexible protection plan and large insurance cover at an affordable cost. IDBI Fortis Life Insurance also offers MicrosuranceTM for affordable life insurance cover to groups and TermsuranceTM Grameen Suraksha, a low cost life insurance plan for rural markets.

Mr. Murali Iyer, National Head – Agency & Alliances, IDBI Fortis Life Insurance, said: “Jalandhar has been known globally for its sports goods and at the same time it is one of the fastest growing commercial and financial hubs of north India. It’s a perfect blend of a business oriented and lifestyle centric market. So we at IDBI Fortis Life Insurance, see a major opportunity in Jalandhar not only to expand our business through our distributor base but also to harness the alliances opportunities in the region. IDBI Fortis, one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in the country, will also create employment as well as self-employment opportunities for staff and distributors respectively.”

PR Club of India goes online - e-Networking for PR and media

In a  brand  new  venture, veteran mass communication professional B N Kumar (BNK for friends) has floated a Google group and a Blog called PR Club of India.
The main purpose of the effort is to provide an altogether new e-Networking platform for PR professionals and media persons, said BNK.
The group - - and blog ( have already kick-started interesting discussions on issues like who needs PR and on the lighter side, on pearls of wisdom among young PR professionals.
BNK is the CEO of Concept PR which has won prestigious awards like Agency of the Year and Case Study of the Year from PR Council of India (PRCI). BNK himself has been inducted to PR Hall of Fame by PRCI.
BNK  has over 30 years of experience in mass communications as a journalist as well as a PR professional. He has acquired varied skill sets like Strategy Planning, Media Relations, Media Training, Event Handling, Corporate Events, Networking, Crisis Communications and Corporate Communications and developed wide contacts in corporate and media circles.
Presently he is the CEO of Concept PR, India’s largest Independent PR Company (independent meaning it has no foreign partnership).
BNK began his career with Free Press Journal, the then leading English daily published from Mumbai, and later moved over to United News of India, the news agency with the largest news gathering network. He has also worked with Business India and The Week magazine and contributed content to The Times of India, The Economic Times, Indian Express, Mid-Day, Newstime and a host of other publications covering a wide range of topics like business, science, space science, crime, films and politics.
At UNI he was known as the “fastest reporter” and has won several awards.  It was BNK who reported to the world with his UNI flash that Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan was alive when then Prime Minister Morarji Desai “broke” the news that the leader died at Bombay’s Jaslok Hospital. It may be recalled that Parliament which was adjourned to mourn JP was reconvened and the Janata Government had to apologize to the nation.
He joined the PR profession with Reliance Industries Ltd where he worked with the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani handling media relations during the largest ever AGMs that the company had held and it’s image  building during its the series of debentures.
BNK was part of the team that set up Ogilvy PR (then O&M PR) – the first PR arm of an advertising agency in India. He was instrumnental in the agency winning its first unternational award – the best in Asia – for its PR strategy implementation for VST Industries Limited. One of the prestigious CSR accounts that he handled was for INTACH  (Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural heritage) for Ganga Action Plan to spread the message of keeping the Ganga clean during Mahakumbh (the grand Hindu religious fair).

The other PR consultancies where he worked included Capital Images (of Walchand Capital), DeanPielle PR and a start-up company Beehive Communications.
He had his second stint with the Reliance group when he joined Reliance Infocomm handling media for the company’s wireless business and several product launches and media visits to Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City (DAKC) – the largest telecom campus in the country.
He moved over to Concept PR in March 2006 and since then has been handling a wide array of communication for the agency’s clients.
Apart from several IPOs, some of the clients that handled over the years include: Sahara India Group, DLF, GMR Infrastructure, IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd, Rural Electrification Corporation, Aditya Birla group, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, Cbay India, Tech Mahindra, Idbi bank, Tourism Malaysia, Reliance Infocomm (CSR), 20th Century Fox, DaimlerChrysler; Prudential-ICICI, J P Morgan Stanley; Siemens Ltd; Kanbay India Ltd (Software), Boeing, British Airways, HCPL (Cadbury’s)and National Egg Coordination Committee.
At Concept PR, BNK led the PR team in handling IPOs during toughest times. For instance, when majors like Wochardt has to withdraw their offers, REC stuck to its guns and came out with flying colours. From reporting crisis during his journalism days to handling communications in crisis in PR, BNK has come to be known as the “Man Friday” for the organizations that he works.
He has shown his communication skills both as a journalist and a PR professional. In fact he is among those few who has switched over from journalism to PR and back and forth!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bandh Karo, Yeh Bandh Ka Natak

Bandhs are  no solution to any problem. 
That all of us know and politicians ought to know it better than any one us  because they also must have suffered due to Bandhs when they were children and (if) when they went to schools/colleges.
Irrespective of the party that they belong to, all politicians behave in the same manner when it comes to protest against the ruling party or coalition.
The Congress (I) has been enforcing Bandhs in the states that it doesn’t rule!
It is a matter of shame that we have to have court orders against Bandhs and yet we take pride in flagrantly violating them.
For that matter, even lawyers have been forcing Bandhs or stoppage of work. Look at what happened in Chennai and recently at KolkataI
I think as communicators and media persons we have a duty towards the nation – to communicate that a Bandh means stoppage of work and it is unproductive.
Foreign media calls it a nationwide strike.
We should go a step ahead and keep remind people its “stoppage of work”.
On the one hand we suffer from the curse of unemployment, while on the other we have a sections that take joy and pride in stopping work!!
If one wants to protest against the fuel price hike, please remind such people that the taxi and auto rickshaw operators have forced the government to hike their respective fares.
Also, we are all victims of sky rocketing prices due to the erratic supply of vegetables to retail markets, thanks to intermittent rains. And another stoppage of supply means yet another phase of short supply and the resultant price hike.
Make no mistake. The era of Bandhs propagated by George Fernandes and Datta Samant is not part of history.  
As long as we have an irresponsible opposition, we will have Bandhs.
It is for the people to stand up, walk and go to work and send a strong message: Bandh Karo Yeh Bandh Ka  Natak”