Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can makers launch global ‘Canvironment’ drive

In a unique global eco initiative, can makers and major brand owners have come together to launch a can recycling movement called ‘Canvironment’. Can is being used  as packaging material for a host of products of daily use – from milk, soft drinks, beer, shoe polish and so on.

“It is just about educating ourselves and can users at large, but taking a definite action as well,” says Mr Atit Bhtia, Senior Vice-President of Hindustan Tin Works Limited, who is spearheading the Canvrioment movement.

To begin with, a Canvironment Week will be observed from November 10 to 17 this year to focus attention on the need to recycle can and save the eonvrionment, Mr Bhatia, president of Canvironment Week, says.

In today’s world of fast food and tight schedules, it is unimaginable to live without the usage of packaging material. Right from the toothpaste you use to the soda cans, almost every product comes ‘packed’ to you. It is a part and parcel of our modern life styles.

Due to its unique quality of 100% recyclability, metal cans are the most sustainable package of the future. Through our initiative, we wish to create a healthy Respect for the environment by promoting the philosophy of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse and spread awareness about the benefits of metal cans.
Canvironment goal is to make a significant and sustainable impact by creating an all round awareness about the exclusive benefits of usage of Cans, the vital one being its eco-friendly nature. The whole event revolves around our passion and perseverance to mobilize the cause, ‘Save our Planet’. 
“The response from across the world is quite encouraging as we resolve to build a strong and united global force, which will lay the foundation to create an environment, which is Canvironment friendly,” he says. 
“We are sure, come November, we will have most responsible major can makers and users will form a Canvironment,” he says.
Can by itself is highly eco-friendly and infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality and thus its use makes economic sense as well.
An Incept transport study in the UK shows that Cans offer the lowest carbon emissions for shipping beverages -on average 57% lower than other packs – because of its light weight which facilitates large quintiles material to be transported.
Can-packed material does not need any cold storage and this helps save 70% of energy as compared to frozen foods. IN a way it acts a portable warehouse of sorts.
Researchers have demonstrated that recycling of one tonne of steel from cans can save 1.5 tonnes of iron ore, half a tone of coking coal, 1.3 tonnes of mining wastes and a whopping 1,800 KG of CO2 emission.
One study shows that recycling of one kg of steel saves enough power to keep a 100 watt bulb aglow for 30 hours.
Similarly, recycling of a kg of aluminium saves six kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemical products and 14 kwh of power.
HTL with its business partnership with most major FMCG companies in India using cans and with its global reach by  virtue of its exports to 21 countries, has taken the Canvironment initiative not  merely as a CSR project,  but as a sensible business proposition as well.
Apart from maintaining food hygiene and convenienvce, can’s features of convenience include zero waste, unmatched strength, long shelf life, virtually tamper proof, high barrier properties, good preserver, faster chilling, economical in the supply chain and above all trendy that appeals to the younger generation.

“Half of India’s consumers are young, trendy and eco-conscious and we are confident that they will join the Canvironment,” he says..

The seeds for the birth of the event were sown in the small conference room of HTW as the management team was discussing ways to celebrate the company’s 52 years. 
The environmental abuse caused by man and his creations over a period of time is a fact, known to one and all.

The rapid change occurring in the climate is a warning that it is time for us to become alert and take action. 

To return the favors and blessings bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, we are partnering with likeminded global partners who are equally concerned about saving our planet from the disaster of Global warming.

Instead of asking ‘What can a I do’, let’s say: “Together we CAN!”  


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maha CM releases Navbharat special 'Karmayogi'

Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan today released “KARMAYOGI", a special compilation of success stories of industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Team Concept Captian Vivek Suchanti receiving Karmayogi special from CM
"Karmayogi", published by leading Hindi daily Navbharat,as a part its initiative to highlight the role played by successful entrepreneurs towards the socio-economic development of progressive state of Maharashtra.

“Karmayogi” comprises sunshine stories of the today’s captains of the industry such as Kumar Mangalam Birla, Shashi Ruia, Neeraj Bajaj, Sunil Mantri, Sanjay Kirloskar, Prahlad Chabaria and Virendra Mhaiskar.

The special edition carries as many as 50 success stories retold by senior journalists Rajnikant Tripathi and.Vishnu Bhardwaj

Addressing a select gathering on the occasion of the book release, Mr Chavan said: “This certainly is an inspiring book for the new generation as it provides an insight into the hardships endured by today’s industry leaders in their respective sectors”.