Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Attack on Rajdeep: an analysis!

by Ranjona Banerji

The media's reactions to the Rajdeep Sardesai episode in New York are quite fascinating. Some are friends and admirers so they believe him. Some are journalists, so are willing to give a member of the fraternity the benefit of the doubt. Some would like to weigh up all the evidence before they pronounce judgment (me).

Then we enter journalistic wonderland territory. Some journalists think Sardesai should not have asked difficult questions because presumably journalists must only be sweet and complimentary (shows you how they practice their profession).

Some think it is a Congress plot to destablise Modi. (Which also shows you how they practice their profession -- somewhere between the X Files and I am an Alien Abductee). Some think it is utterly shameful of Sardesai to call a member of the public an "asshole" but it is quite in the rightness of things for a member of the public to tell Sardesai to take his wife and children and move to Pakistan and abuse his children.

When you guys open a journalism school, I'm going to be your first student. I see that I have so much to learn.